Tuesday, 31 January 2012


In Nigeria of today, the most frequent used words in any gathering, peer group, social event, or any other of sort is without doubt ‘Boko’ and ‘Haram’. These words contrast each other in every respect. ‘Boko’ is traditionally a Hausa word used earlier by the natives to describe the alien form of education brought about by the whites, while ‘Haram’ in itself is an Arabic root word emphasising anything forbidden.
So in essence, why would any sect brand itself, Boko Haram (Western Education Forbidden)? The truth is, the sect Jama’atu Ahlissunna Wal Jama’atu Liddaawati Wal Jihad itself never operated on this coinage, rather it has reiterated times without number that calling them ‘Boko Haram’ is in fact a ‘Haram’ itself. (I wonder if President Jonah really knows the name of the sect he is busy fighting).
Now it is pertinent to ask, who actually labelled them Boko Haram? Or is it the case of the world not knowing Al-Qaida till the CIA actually told us their name and made us believe? Is someone trying to achieve a sinister motive through the continuous terrorisation of the populace? Or who wants to really create panic to divide the nation and what will they achieve with that? These are the questions which answers cannot be justified by any means.
If it is really an Islamic sect, then it is unjustifiable for any Muslim to carry out such menace as the religion of Islam is that of Peace. The position of Islam is that Muslims must at all times; conduct their affairs by mutual consultations and peacefully (Qur’an 42:38). Therefore the issue of Islam has been totally unjustified.
If it’s the government that is sponsoring the violence, then what on earth will the government achieve through the killing of its own citizens? Relief or revenge? But for what purpose? It is true that government establishments have not been attacked anywhere, but does that justify the government will maim its own people?
Now some are of the belief that the hard economic plight and conditions of living had led to the insurgency of this sect. Hard to believe. Was it not just some few years back that we were branded the ‘Happiest Nation’ on Earth, not because we were really satisfied with the way we are living but because of the Nigerian spirit of contentment. So how can we justify that my fellow brother because of poverty will blow himself up together with hundred others. Really unjustified.
The most unjustifiable fact however is the claim of enmity of ‘Boko’ by the sect. If ‘Boko’ is to be taken as western civilisation, then the sect has without doubt benefited from it. The first message of the sect was on You Tube a western creation. The letters sent by the sect are in plain pen and paper and written in ‘Hausan-Boko’ the western way of writing and not in Ajami (the Arabic style) so clearly, ‘Boko’ is part and parcel of the sect itself.
We can continue to beat around the bush without any tangible meaning to this events, because in fact that’s what our so called security chiefs have been doing, beating around the bush, and groping around for what to do only after the deeds have been done, while the President tries to apportion blame to the various axis of his cabinet that he claimed have been infested by the sect but still deems it fit to retain the cabinet with the virus in it.
Therefore unless these questions are appropriately and satisfactorily justified, the real truth will still be lurking in somewhere, while terror takes its toll on the populace, and tensions and conflicts continue to be triggered.

Saturday, 14 January 2012


Believe me, Nigerians are really hilarious. Despite the adversity anticipated with the removal of fuel subsidy, Nigerians really made it all worthwhile to have a little laugh about it (or rather a really big laugh). From pictures, to conversations and photoshoped celebrities, the social media was the tool of hilarious and really entertaining epics generated from the subsidy removal saga.
One of such was an acronym of the president himself, check it out:
J. O. N. A. T. H. A. N: Just On National Assignemnet to Harm All Nigerians
It seems Madam Patience is finally heaving a sigh of relief as the comic bandwagon is finally shining away from her.
Trust a Nigerian to make a joke out of any situation, even if it’s his death bed. No wonder some while ago we were labelled ‘The Happiest Nation on Earth’ no matter the hardship we always find a way to make our neighbour smile. That’s the Nigerian spirit.
One of the recent conspiracy jokes going viral in the cyber sphere is:
ASUU STRIKE                      DECEMBER                4,
FUEL SUBSIDY REMOVAL        JANUARY                    1,
NLC STRIKE                        JANUARY          9.
NIGERIANS BEWARE OF THE DIGITS                 (419)
This is just but a few, and not forgetting the overwhelming comedy on the ‘I had no shoes issue’ let alone talking about ‘Fresh Air’ comical sessions, trust Nigerians to have their different spices and comical varieties.
Some of these I have no idea whether it’s English or what, because you’ve really got to crack your tongues and your ribs to get through them. This is credited to a former Hon. Member of the House of Reps (you all know him):
“I have read with acatalectic disgust, government’s asinine and puerile ratiocinations attempting to justiceate the proposed removal of subsidies from petroleum products. It has asseverated that its intention is guided by the need to checkmate the odoriferous excesses of a Machiavellian cabal. O and I have said to myself, what a shame? What hocus-pocus? What an anathematous disdain for its citizenry? Must the people now bear the brunt for government’s ineptitude, inefficiency and pusillanimity in squaring up with these economic philistines and fat cows? I feel even more nauseated and vexed that the Governors Forum has post-haste conferred an apocalyptic imprimatur on this genie. Lets not forget that majority of these same Governors had earlier called for this state of affairs as a condition sinequanon for paying the minimum wage. What opprobrium? What a depreciable descent from the sublime to the ridiculous? It’s up to us all to put this Presidential and Gubernatorial genie back into the bottle but are we prepared?”
(Yeah, I didn’t get a hint what he was saying)
And now before my generator fuel gets siphoned while am busy laughing my heads off, let me leave you with the call centre in case you need more.
To know the price of fuel in your zone, PRESS 1
If you’re stuck in the village, PRESS 2
In case you need fuel but don’t have the money at present, PRESS 3
To get in touch with a black marketer in your area, PRESS 4
If you’re interested in marrying an oil worker especially a fuel attendant PRESS 0
To assist in protest of subsidy, PRESS 150
To end this call, visit this site again”

Monday, 9 January 2012


On the 2nd of January 2011 the Federal Government of Nigeria lifted the subsidy on Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) which rocketed fuel prices nationwide high ward to as high as N200 per litre in some locations. This is however no longer news but the phenomenon that encapsulated the withdrawal of the subsidy. History was in the making, Nigeria the once regarded most ‘Happiest Nation on Earth’ was turning the tables. ‘Enough is enough’ was what was demonstrated by thousands of patriotic Nigerians propelling out in numbers to Occupy the nation until their rights were ensured.
As I also adorned my Occupy garments, carried my placards and my marching boots to Occupy Nigeria in my own locality, it was history in the making. I could feel the waves of time passing by as I signed the Protest register at the Murtala Muhammad Square in Kaduna amidst profound security presence. Yes, I was part of history and when the liberation is over in years to come I can have the guts to tell my offspring with full sense of humility that I played a part in saving their future, I was there when we revolted against oppression, revolted against cluelessness and most of all revolted for our voices to be heard in the building of this nation.
Historically, the Occupy movement is an international protest movement which is primarily directed against economic and social inequality. The first Occupy protest to receive wide coverage was Occupy Wall Street in New York City's Zuccotti Park, which began on September 17, 2011. By October 9, Occupy protests had taken place or were ongoing in over 95 cities across 82 countries, and over 600 communities in the United States and were inspired by the occupy protests of the Arab Spring. As of December 20 the Meetup page "Occupy Together" listed 2,751 Occupy communities worldwide. So as the year turned, we Nigerians have proudly inscribed our golden names and etched them into history, we occupied Nigeria also.
The Occupy Protests for Nigerians is more than a quest for economic rights; it is a quest for justice, a fight about the ruling class’ war on Nigerians. They cannot claim our country to be broke when President Goodluck Jonathan continues to feed fat on N3 million worth of food everyday. They cannot claim to be broke when the first lady just spent N5 billion furnishing an office and they cannot claim to be broke when the whole budget is about their salaries and allowances.
This is a fight for all of us: students, bike-men, taxi drivers, traders, teachers, lecturers, parents, barbers, mechanics, vendors, civil servants and any other Nigerian from every nook and cranny. The movement, which has been described as a "democratic awakening" by Cornel West, is difficult to distill to a few demands, so lets give the government a ride for their ‘money’. We must come out, we must shout, we must let our voices be heard, WE MUST OCCUPY NIGERIA.