Friday, 30 March 2012


Gosh…and the weekend is over. Long time no see abusites, I think this was the only week that actually ended since ASUU pursue us back and that’s the real dilemma of a Pharmacy student in ABU Zaria, and pardon me for not complaining.
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences located at the so called ‘Bermuda’ axis believe me you comprises of the most distinguished abusites all-rounder. Don’t mind those engine boiz that claim harsh conditions (mostly lectures) but still maintain swag, if a Pharmacy student that is having lectures 7am to 6pm, still not that I’m complaining displays full swag all those engine boiz will comot for road.
If it is rocking till-day-break trust me my people always dey there, provided all things being equal (test no dey tomorrow morning). You might even begin to wonder t-d-b for jacking yesterday now t-d-b for partying, I’m telling you pharmacy students get mind. Still not that we’re complaining.
If you haven’t known yet, the pass mark for a normal pharmacy course is correct 50% and that’s excluding the (abnormal) 60% courses. Plainly speaking, if you score 59 in that course na next year be that, that’s if you are lucky it’s not a pre-requisite which might amount to one more year in this internment. (Still you scored 59 in the course oo). I haven’t complained yet oo.
Talking about pre-requisites sef, if you are looking for a faculty with the longest chains of pre-requisites then have a seat, you’re home and dry. Let me explain hear, in simple English if you fail that stupid Jambito course PHYS 131 once (physics student no mind me oo) na plus 1 year in ABU be that, if you carry am again na plus 2 be that, and if you’re so unfortunate to do ZAKS again…do the maths. So don’t worry if you see a reg. no. U99 in your class, na condition cause am. Nobody has complained yet.
Upon all this, the confidence of the Pharmacy Student is still oozing all over the campus. Taking a look at a large number of political offices in ABU, from SRC to NANISS, NAKS, NAKATSS….to name but a few its no gainsaying that we are the backbone of all these associations and yet every semester Pharmacy Students always do graduate. Creating time out of that no time, we have never complained.
When it comes to super duper gals, common do I need to tell you that? Yeah ABU gals are hawt, but mehn…Pharmacy gals are red blitzing hawt then, with correct IQ to go with, and despite the rigours and vigour that hotness hasn’t complained yet.
So next time you see any pharmacy student near you, abeg hail them, they are the jack of all trades as long as ABU is concerned and still keep that swag, sociality, partying, politics, intelligence, confidence, sense of humour and instant maturity intact.
We don’t complain but ‘As Men of Honour…’ yeah ‘We Join Hands’

MARCH 26 2012

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