Wednesday, 31 December 2014



Early morning dew, dancing leaves
Grazing wind, grasses with dowsing lips  
Down the stony sturdy hills 
Aloft the leveled-cushioned streets
Up and down the divisive land
I moved along, meandering

My dreamy retina awoke to the mania
A tributary of buzzing hearts
Awash to the shore of the birthing day
To make solitary ending meet.
The miniscule Mairuwa,
Obscured in the mountain 
Of his yellow rickshaw
The oversized headed Lebura, 
Enveloping a loaf of bread, 
Athwart his brown dented teeth
The flabbergasted former Okada man,
An unmovable rock, at the bean-cake joint
The pot-bellied kwashiorkor-stricken child,
A stack of corn fizzing 
In his emaciated fingers
Toddling between the young girls, 
With soiled water kegs
On their colossal scrawny necks, 
Human wagons!
Straight erratically…I kept meandering

As I moved my gauzy eyes in the fogs
Up the hill across the prominence
The big brawny sign, along the opulence 
Strewn across, over-fenced prison mansion
Barb-wired to secure the illicit issues
Another pot-bellied distraction
Patched around with adipose tissues
Galloping haggardly, across the turfy plane
Shedding excesses of over-devouring picnic
Meandering, up along the lane
A special sweeten clinic
For over-sweetened diabetic
With special dietetic

Trudging across the divisive lane
This pained heart almost shouted
But the rainy eye tasted plain
In birthing silence the horizon routed
I kept meandering!

*Mairuwa – Local water vendors in Northern Nigeria pushing water in jerry cans inside one-wheeled trucks

*Lebura – Pidgin version of Labourer especially in Northern Nigeria

*Okada – Commercial motorcycle used as vehicle for hire in Nigeria

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