Wednesday, 25 February 2015


God is Great! God is Great!
The subtle voice of Isha
Echoing call transmitted
From a croaky throat, geriatric
Trickling liquid on the palms
Massaging dribs on the face
Donning faith on the heart and
to soft pads, a forehead bows
Comforting temple, coolly-conditioned

“Give me more riches, dash me
further fame, keep me healthy
let me master my domain”
Litanies of a mind at rest
Beseeching knees on the softest of wool
Bowing and praying, here so cool
Whispers came ushering though!
Children of Buni Yadi!
Assembly lines of Potiskum!
Abandoned mosques in Mubi!
Razed, derailed farmlands of Bama!
Do prayers only come on cushions?

Little boys on rough cushions,
Where were their prayers stuck?
On the rifles of an insurgent
Forced to pray on stony paths
Internally displaced, internally in tatters
Why do I deserve to pray? A thought!

Peace be Upon You! Muazzim called
This round of litany concluding
Alas, this head still bowing, weeping
transfixed to the cushioned earth!

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